We partnered with CIMON Automation to distribute reliable and cost effective PLC, HMI, HMI Hybrids, IPC and SCADA products as well as providing Systems Integration services.

Automation & Mechatronic Solutions and Clarify partnership

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Clarify to offer South African companies unique visual solutions for their critical data. Clarify reduces the complexity of turning data into value and brings it to life in a clear and collaborative setting.
Being able to connect securely with a multitude of networks and geared towards visualizing time series data, Clarify is a digital innovation for companies that are ready to see themselves ahead of their competitors.
Clarify is trusted by clients like Austevoll Elektro, CFlow, JM Hansen and ORKEL to name a few.

Shouldn’t you?

Not sure if you have the capital?

Don’t worry. We have partnered with Bridgement to make it possible for you to invest in your vision and to see how our products and services puts you ahead of the game.

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