Here are our up-coming services.

3D Modeling / Simulation / Generative Design

We use Autodesk Inventor to turn your sketches and  concepts into 3D models, simulate predefined conditions and develop generative designs.

Fabrication and Assembly

We don’t just draft and combine manufacturing drawings in order to manufacture, we arrange the fabrication and assembly of your equipment as well.

Prototyping of Products

We 3D print small scale parts as well as 3D scan existing objects.

Low-Voltage Electrical Design

With Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical, we will put together the schematics  for your projects.

Control Panel Building

Need to bring equipment to life? We can assist you to achieve that with control built according to local and international standards. 

PLC Programming

Together with strategic partners, we offer PLC Programming services on CIMON PLCs in order to get your project or equipment up and running.

HMI Development

Intuitive and easy to understand CIMON HMI layouts for the most effective equipment to get your product where it needs to be.


SCADA Programming

Do you need to keep an eye on your facility or operations. We have CIMON software solutions that can take care of it.

Not sure if you have the capital?

Don’t worry. We have partnered with Bridgement to make it possible for you to invest in your vision and to see how our products and services puts you ahead of the game.

Need Help With Easier Industrial Solutions?